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Khan Academy

An excellent resource and our most recommended free learning site. For those that are willing to sign up through email or Facebook, Khan Academy will provide a personalized learning dashboard, which includes a "personal path" based on your specific level of knowledge on the subject. Even if you'd prefer not to share personal information, there is a wide variety of subject specific educational videos available.

MIT Open Courseware

An unbelievable resource, with over 200 combined undergraduate and graduate level math courses. Many are complete with lecture video, notes, assignments and answers. All from one of the world's most respected universities.

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edx High School Initiative

Several high school and AP exam prep courses. Most are free with website registration. Be sure to look to the right hand side after clicking on a course, where you will see a list of pertinent information, including: Course level, Effort needed in hours per week, and available Languages. Certificates of completion may be available at extra cost. EdX is a non-profit online initiative created by founding partners Harvard and MIT.

Button, Go to Open Education Database

Open Education Database

A wide range of free chemistry courses, from high school to college and beyond. The education offerings are from numerous universities including Harvard and MIT. To search by delivery method, click "TYPE" on the left hand side of the page. A dropdown menu will give you 5 options : Full Course, Video Lectures, Audio Lectures, Text Article, or Mixed Media. Be aware that choosing a certain TYPE will hide courses delivered in the other methods.

Button, Go to Coursera


A large selection of free, online courses, offered through the various universities with whom they partner. Includes the core, college level courses, both pure and applied.

Button, Go to Utah Education Network

Utah Education Network

Resources provided by Utah Education Network. The site includes: Educational videos, curriculum, activities and lesson plans. Informative website that is fairly easy to navigate.

Button, New York Office of State Assessments

New York Office of State Assessments

A large archive of tests with answer keys for Chemistry from January 2012 through August 2015.

Button, The Annenberg Learning Project

Annenberg Learner

Large collection of instructional videos and websites that are primarily dedicated to students and instructors of Chemistry courses.

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