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A seriously fun learning application. Duolingo feels like a game, but functions by having its users translate short phrases between the native and target languages. Score points by becoming proficient and unlock further lessons. A must-try website for anyone beginning to learn a new language.

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Co-founded my the 'Grand Master of Memory' Ed Cooke, Memrise combines gameification, state-of-the-art memory science, and user created mnemonics for an unusually fun and effective learning experience.

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Conversationally focused and fun to use. Babbel's free lessons are limited, however, and a monthly subscription fee is required after the introduction.

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This is the site to have bookmarked for looking up any single-word translation between English and Spanish. It also hosts discussion forum with a very knowledgeable user base, a valuable resource in its own right.

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Another great Spanish dictionary, and the go-to source for complete conjugations of Spanish verbs.

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A variety of courses combining flashcards, quizzes and tests, grammar and live exercises and open-ended assignments. A patent-pending adaptive learning technology intelligently detects your level of mastery to making learning faster and more effective.

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Make your own flashcards or download decks from other users. Unlike the old days, these flashcards can include audio clips and pictures, and make use of a spaced repetition system for more efficient memorization.

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Hear any word in your target language pronounced by native speakers. The audio is downloadable, making it usable with other applications, such as Anki-style flashcards.

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A site designed for native Spanish speakers learning their own language, it also is very useful to those looking to learn Spanish as a second language. NOTE: There is no English on this page.

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Fun and interactive Spanish learning exercises designed for children.

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New York Office of State Assessments

A PDF of every New York Regents High School Spanish examination, along with answer keys, since 2002.

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